Scrape LinkedIn Sales Navigator, AT SCALE !

Your search results are above 2.5k? No need to split it anymore ! We do it for you, smartly.

It was always a pain having to come back everyday to scrape an other part of the data I needed

Picture of Axel Garcia de la Rosa
Axel Garcia de la Rosa
Founder of Upsales Agency

I save so much time with the automatic filter to withdraw leads who doesn’t match my search

Picture of Adrien Nicey
Adrien Nicey
Marketing Manager

At last a scrapper with a queue ! I can now do all the different search I need in one day it scrape it automatically each day

Picture of Nawfal Laghzali
Nawfal Laghzali
Founder at Mateerz & Senior Growth Marketer
Extract Large Sets of Leads

You have a search results above 2,500 ?

We will split smartly you search results and launch new scrape everyday automatically Example: Head of Marketing in Europe has 59K+ results First day we will scrape 2,5k of HoM with 1 to 3 years of experience Second day again 2,5k but HoM working with company headcount from 1 to 10 Etc... Etc... UNTIL WE GOT EVERYTHING ! And each day you get notified when new data are available

Leads filtering

We get rid of data that doesn't match your search

Sometimes Linkedin Sales Navigator will give you wrong prospect, you are looking for CEO and they will give you some CTO in the results 😅

We let you download matched results only and we handles acronyms

How does it works?


leads monthly
billed monthly
20 000
leads monthly
billed monthly
50 000
leads monthly
billed monthly
leads monthly
billed monthly

What's coming soon ?

Multi-cookie management

If you have multiple LinkedIn Sales Navigator accounts you will be able to connect them all the scrape a lot faster

Connection to your outreach tool

Scrapia will send automatically leads to your favorite softwares

Mail enrichment

We will add an enrichment tool and also allow to you connect to your favorite's ones to enrich in cascade easily

Filter with AI

Thanks to AI you will be able to ask "Give me only people doing B2B" or "Withdraw people who looks experts in SEO"

Elevate your prospecting with precision and ease today!